Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello again

Hello again! :)

I just rediscovered my blog and noticed it has been quite some time since my last update!!

We are using blogs in my English class for college so that gives me a good excuse to reunite myself with the blogging community.

Let's start with some updates.

My Etsy shop has TONS of new items. You should probably take a look. I'll save you all and just post my shop.

Thank you for looking!

I also need to update my where you can find me page.

@ Etsy
Rayvenrenn - Jewelry and more!
Rayvensupplies - Craft supplies and more!
Rayvenvintage - Vintage goodies! (collectibles and more!)

@ Twitter

@ Flickr

@ Facebook

@ Myspace (RARELY used)

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